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Knee Replacement Physical Therapy In Pearland


Hips and knees are the most commonly replaced joints, though replacement surgeries are possible for other joints, as well. Physical therapy is essential to the healing process after any joint replacement surgery but is especially critical after a knee replacement. Recovering from a knee replacement surgery usually takes a minimum of three months, and participating in physical therapy can have a significant impact on your recovery timeline.


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What Does Knee Replacement Physical Therapy Do?

Throughout the recovery and rehabilitation process after a knee replacement, you’ll have various goals and milestones to meet. In the first few weeks, you’ll focus on healing from the surgery, reducing swelling, walking, and managing pain.

After that, you’ll begin to work on improving overall mobility and range of motion, strengthening muscles, and improving balance. Eventually, you’ll start to work on functional training that will help you in situations you’re likely to encounter in the world, like stepping on or off an escalator or a curb. As you advance in your knee replacement physical therapy, you can also begin to work on activity-specific movements, like those required for any sports you play or activities you enjoy.

A good knee replacement physical therapy program will help you work through all the stages of rehabilitation and assist you in meeting your therapy goals in a safe and healthy way. The ultimate goal for knee replacement physical therapy is to get you back to your regular routine with improved mobility and without pain as quickly as possible.



 Knee Replacement Physical Therapy

Knee Replacement Physical Therapy At Crōm Rehabilitation In Pearland

At Crōm Rehabilitation in Pearland, our professional physical therapists are experienced in helping people regain mobility after knee replacement surgery. With your long-term success and recovery in mind, our therapists will create an individual therapy plan to help you achieve your personal therapy goals.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach at Crōm Rehabilitation in Pearland. We evaluate each client as an individual and build a physical therapy program to address your specific needs and goals. Regardless of where you’re starting or how far you have to go with your knee replacement physical therapy, the physical therapy experts at Crōm Rehabilitation can help you.


How Can Knee Replacement Physical Therapy Help You?

After a major procedure, such as a knee replacement, physical therapy is critical in the healing process. Physical therapy after knee replacement surgery will help you in multiple ways.

  • Build muscle strength around the new joint
  • Improve mobility and balance
  • Ease pain and reduce swelling
  • Improve circulation, which reduces the chance of forming blood clots
  • Restore normal joint movement
  • Improve range of motion
  • Return to normal activities

Given its essential role in the healing process, it’s critical that you don’t skip physical therapy or cut your therapy program short. Not completing all of the recommended physical therapy for your knee replacement can have serious adverse effects on your outcome, including muscle atrophy, increased strain on the joint, limited mobility, reduced range of motion, increased pain, swelling, circulation problems, and more.

Though it can be tempting to skip physical therapy when you’re feeling better, it’s important to continue all the way through the process to ensure that you achieve the maximum gains and don’t end up with unnecessary complications down the road. Knee replacement physical therapy is the best thing you can do to help strengthen your body and get back to your normal activities after knee replacement surgery.


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 Knee Replacement Physical Therapy


 Knee Replacement Physical Therapy

What You Can Expect At Knee Replacement Physical Therapy In Pearland

At your first knee replacement physical therapy appointment in Pearland, you’ll start by meeting your physical therapist and complete a series of assessments to evaluate your current physical condition.

In addition, you’ll discuss your personal goals for therapy and work with your therapist to create a personalized treatment plan to help you achieve those goals and get back to your normal lifestyle as quickly and safely as possible.

After the initial consultation, all of your future appointments will be geared toward helping you make progress toward your individual therapy goals. As you continue with your physical therapy, your progress will be regularly evaluated against your goals, and your treatment plan updated as necessary.

Participating in physical therapy after a knee replacement operation is critical to your long-term health and mobility. When done regularly and correctly, knee replacement physical therapy will help you improve mobility, reduce pain, and return to your regular activities quickly and safely.


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