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Osteoarthritis Specialists


Osteoarthritis can’t be reversed, but our team of specialists can work with you to help you get your life back. Osteoarthritis is incredibly common, and you might work with a number of different healthcare professionals to treat it.

While you might start with your primary care doctor, or a specialist in orthopedics or rheumatology, physical therapists can help you gain range of motion and also reduce joint pain. We can discuss and plan healthy habits designed to preserve the remaining joint cartilage thus increasing quality of life for patients with osteoarthritis.


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What Are Osteoarthritis Specialists?

As we’ve mentioned, a number of doctors might be considered specialists that handle patients with osteoarthritis. While a majority of patients work with their primary care doctors to manage symptoms, some cases require a multi-disciplinary approach to include physical therapists.

For example, patients with more advanced or atypical cases of arthritis, or patients with a range of comorbid conditions may benefit from a healthcare practitioner with a more specialized focus on bone health and musculoskeletal conditions like a physical therapist.

Physical therapy is a critical component of care for those who suffer from osteoarthritis because it affects function, general and musculoskeletal health, as well as comfort or general mobility.

In some cases, as a patient ages, physical therapy can help maintain an active lifestyle without excessive joint pain or damage. In other cases, injuries or other diseases that may have weakened joints and cartilage benefit from physical therapy as both a recovery technique and a way to manage whatever new limitations a person may face due to ongoing joint and muscle pain, damage, or loss.



Osteoarthritis Specialists

Why See An Osteoarthritis Specialist?

Starting with your primary care doctor, you can usually get a pretty straightforward analysis of your symptoms to learn whether or not you have osteoarthritis. They may be able to help you with the basics or provide full care for light to moderate cases. An osteoarthritis specialist, in the form of physical therapy or a referral to another doctor may be a part of your care plan with your primary physician.

Typically this involves being seen by both your doctor and a physical therapist (or other specialist) so that they can work together to provide better and more accurate care for your particular health needs.

Physical therapy in particular will be more common when osteoarthritis begins to impact your daily functions in some way. It all depends on the severity of your osteoarthritis. For those with an early diagnosis, physical therapy can help you prevent further damage and deterioration of joint cartilage. For more advanced cases, you’d likely work with a physical therapist to improve range of movement, reduce pain during regular activities, and find ways to protect your joints, muscles, and bones against further damage.

When To Consider or Ask About Physical Therapy

  • Your symptoms seem to be worsening despite receiving treatment
  • You’ve noticed that you’re not able to participate in activities you once enjoyed
  • You’re experiencing flare-ups of pain more frequently
  • Tasks that you could once handle are starting to seem unmanageable


Why Work With Our Physical Therapists For Osteoarthritis?

At Crom Rehabilitation, we put together a team of caring, compassionate physical therapists dedicated to helping people gain or maintain their best physical form, regardless of their health circumstances. Through cutting edge treatment and therapy, we aim to maximize the chances of our patients achieving lasting pain relief, more physical capability, and a higher degree of personal satisfaction.

We partner with most major insurance companies as well, which enables us to provide more people with the wide range of care and quality therapy that they deserve. If you’re struggling with osteoarthritis, speak with your primary care physician or contact us and we can help you work through the process of finding the care you need through physical therapy.

Osteoarthritis Specialists


Osteoarthritis Specialists

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