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ACL Physical Therapy Services


The ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) is one of the most commonly injured ligaments, often tearing or getting injured due to trauma or stress on the knees. It’s not unusual to require surgery or subsequent physical therapy in order to repair and recover from this kind of injury. An ACL tear usually occurs when the knee is forcefully twisted and the foot is planted firmly on the ground. This is very common in athletes or active individuals when they try to rapidly change direction.


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Sports injuries are the most common cause of ACL tears, which can leave the patient in a great deal of pain. Our specialists at Crom Rehabilitation will assist the patient in rebuilding their range of motion and to reach their most functional level. This can help lessen the pain and get you back on track for your daily activities.



 ACL Physical Therapy

What Does Physical Therapy For ACL Do?

Rehabilitation is often necessary for ACL injuries. Whether you decide to pursue surgery or not, physical therapy will help you regain normal flexibility and range of motion in your knee. Our specialists will spend the first visit evaluating your condition in order to determine expectations and the best course of action for your particular injury.

Through a variety of techniques, activities, and treatments, our physical therapists at Crom will help organize a plan that will put you on the path to recovery. Physical therapy is generally just the application of research, education, and proven techniques, and we take great care to work with each of our patients to ensure that all of these go into supporting a return to regular activity and pain-free life.

Pre-operative ACL physical therapy will help you improve the overall function and recovery after your surgery by training your muscles and body to more carefully support your injury. Studies have found that patients who participated in physical therapy before their operation were often ready to resume sports and other regular physical activities sooner than those who did not.

At Crom Rehabilitation, our physical therapists are here to help you return to the activities you love. Pain and mobility issues can keep you from enjoying everyday life, and our specialists can get to the root of the problem and educate you on your injury and prevention. Physical therapy is a crucial part of your healing and also ensures that you will get back or close to where you were before your injury. We are here to help you progress and get stronger with the routines our specialists design for each patient.


Our Process At Crom

At Crom, our sports medicine and rehabilitation programs are tailored to each individual patient to ensure that you get the precise treatment and therapy you need for your specific injury and circumstances. Our goal is to help lessen your pain, regain muscle strength, and improve function through exercise and other therapy methods.

Your therapist will offer a thorough examination and assessment to better understand your current injury and evaluate what range of motion you have and how you are limited. Afterwards, they will work with you to develop a routine and schedule of exercises in order to address those specific issues. Finally, through physical therapy sessions, they will support you through a guided process of exercise and improvement, carefully monitoring your progress and adjusting your routine until you’ve regained full strength and physical capabilities.

 ACL Physical Therapy


 ACL Physical Therapy

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