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CROM Sports-Specific Recovery Training


Sports are a positive, rewarding activity for both professional and recreational athletes. However, sports at any level come with a risk of injury. Sports injuries come with a good deal of uncertainty, from how you can pursue treatment and recovery to what kind of injury you’ve sustained. There are a lot of questions we get from people that get injured during sports, such as:

  • How long will I have to stop participating in my sport?
  • How long does my total recovery take?
  • What activities can I do while injured? What should I avoid or change?
  • What kind of professional or treatment do I need for a sports injury?

While a sports injury can be frustrating for any athlete, physical therapy and a team of professional physical therapists can help answer all of these questions and ease that frustration. Physical therapy is an excellent way to help athletes address their injury, while also providing a path to recovery that minimizes the risk of re-injury or permanent damage.

At Crom Rehabilitation, our team of physical therapists works with injured athletes to create a specialized, sport-specific exercise and recovery program that takes everything into account. With a customized therapy plan, we can help find exercises and training techniques that can improve your performance and recovery times based on your particular injury and needs.

Beginning Treatment of a Sports Injury

As with all physical therapy, we start sports injury recovery with a simple evaluation of your injury and current capabilities. Our physical therapists will assess your range of motion, the extent of your injury, and how that affects your ability to move and participate in your particular sport.

Once we have a clear picture of your current physical condition, we’ll begin developing a physical therapy routine designed specifically to target recovery and treatment for your individual injury and goals. For example, some people simply want to get back to walking, while others want to jump right back into their sport. We try to develop a routine that provides the best route to peak physical performance while also matching your goals, all without sacrificing the health and safety of your body.

Individualized therapy and customized sessions allow for the fastest route to recovery and unlocking your peak physical performance during and after your recovery phase. We take great care to instruct you on the best methods of in person or at home exercises, all while monitoring your condition and updating your physical therapy routine as you progress through the rehabilitation process.

Major Recovery Factors for Sports Specific Rehabilitation

There are several factors physical therapists look at when prescribing exercise and the progression of exercise for each unique athlete’s needs. These can include activity, age, skill level, mechanism of injury, the presence or lack of swelling, pain, stage of tissue healing and the requirements of the specific activity.

The physical therapy team at Crom Rehabilitation will work with you to carefully plan a sports-specific rehabilitation program that addresses each of these issues. Every athlete and every injury are unique and require a similarly unique treatment plan. That’s why we work in stages to address the major aspects of recovery, starting with basic recovery and progressing towards rebuilding strength and motor skills, aiming for a complete and comprehensive recovery by the end of your rehabilitation course.


We understand that athletes are a very particular type of patient. Many athletes are accustomed to pushing their bodies to the limit and achieving the absolute highest levels of performance. From runners, basketball players, and swimmers relying on strength and stamina to dancers and gymnasts who extend well beyond the normal ranges of motion.

Sustaining an injury and fighting against the limitation caused by an injury can be incredibly frustrating, which is why we take great care to provide the most complete rehabilitation program possible. We understand that many athletes simply want to return to their practice as soon as possible, but many athletes are also aware of how debilitating an injury can be. More than that, a mismanaged injury can be even worse, leading to subsequent injuries or a complete loss of athletic capability.

To avoid this, we work with athletes to manage all aspects of recovery. Sometimes the early stages are simply pain management and regular activity designed to alleviate the direct impact of the injury, slowly progressing to exercises focused on regaining a full range of motion, and eventually strength training designed to rebuild muscle and flexibility while still accounting for the injury in question. As time progresses, we can begin introducing exercises and physical therapy routines that mimic the athletes' sport activities in a controlled environment to ensure a safe, clean recovery.

Our Process At Crom

At Crom, our sports medicine and rehabilitation programs are tailored to each individual patient to ensure that you get the precise treatment and therapy you need for your specific injury and circumstances. Our goal is to help lessen your pain, regain muscle strength, and improve function through exercise and other therapy methods.

Your therapist will offer a thorough examination and assessment to better understand your current injury and evaluate what range of motion you have and how you are limited. Afterwards, they will work with you to develop a routine and schedule of exercises in order to address those specific issues. Finally, through physical therapy sessions, they will support you through a guided process of exercise and improvement, carefully monitoring your progress and adjusting your routine until you’ve regained full strength and physical capabilities.


Rehabilitation is a vital part of recovery and returning to a healthy lifestyle and we want that to be available to as many of our athletes as possible. Below are many of the insurance companies that we work with to make that happen:

  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Texas
  • Cigna
  • Medicare
  • Multiplan
  • Tricare Standard
  • United Healthcare
  • Workers’ Compensation

Crom Rehabilitation looks forward to getting you back to doing what you love!

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