The man behind Crom Rehabilitation

Dr. Roy Rivera is licensed physical therapist and owner of Crom Rehabilitation — a clinic focused on providing patients with a clear and direct path to physical rehabilitation and recovery from all kinds of orthopedic injuries, musculoskeletal disorders, and post-operative conditions.

Working across a variety of healthcare settings, including acute and long-term acute care hospitals and sports medicine clinics, Dr. Rivera developed a serious philosophy and interest in helping people reach or return to their peak physical conditions in the face of physiological setbacks.

Crom Rehabilitation is the manifestation of Dr. Rivera’s philosophy and drive to provide patient care and physical therapy that places an emphasis on patient-centric programming.

The Philosophy of Crom

"By creating an open, honest, and comfortable environment for patients and breaking down the sometimes uncomfortable psychological divide between doctor and patient, we can build a clinic that allows patients to feel a sense of cooperation and active participation in their own recovery. Being progressive and inclusive encourages patients to have an open dialogue about their rehabilitative experience, which allows us, the therapists, to develop a more custom recovery program that focuses on their specific needs – even as they change throughout the course of recovery."

Philosophy In Action

Patient Identity

Physical therapy and healthcare systems that take patient identity into consideration allow for a more diverse, accepting environment.

In turn, this allows patients to be more honest about their physical ailments and healthcare needs, leading to more accurate and effective physical therapy and recovery.

Cooperative Medicine

Working hand in hand with patients to develop a physical therapy routine promotes increased patient compliance.

Crom Rehabilitation strives to develop custom routines tailored to each patient's strengths and weaknesses, supporting a more effective physical therapy plan and eventual recovery.

Adaptive Programming

As patients go through rehabilitation, their capacities for recovery can change.

Crom Rehabilitation is designed to support an evolving therapy routine that accordingly increases or decreases intensity and development.

Honest Care for Patients

Crom Rehabilitation exists to promote independent patient growth and recovery.

Dr. Rivera and the team meet and grow with each patient, working together towards the common goal of finding a positive, healthy recovery and rehabilitative solution for patients in need.

Shantay, You Stay: A Healthcare Provider’s Guide to LGBT+ Inclusive Practices

Dr. Rivera's work to create an inclusive and open healthcare environment extends beyond Crom Rehabilitation's mission – in his recent book Shantay, You Stay, Roy details all the ways healthcare providers can make their practices more LGBT+ friendly and affirming.

Targeting medical providers across the healthcare spectrum, from diabetic educators to neurosurgeons, the book details health disparities that exist in the LGBT+ community and solutions that healthcare providers should consider to bridge the gap.

On Writing Shantay, You Stay

"After working with communities and patients from all different backgrounds, I noticed a surprising disparity in the LGBT+ experience when it came to healthcare. As our cultural and societal understandings of sexuality and identity evolve, we need to adapt our systems of care as well.

In this book, I give a pretty straightforward rundown of practical tips and advice for healthcare providers that want to create a more inclusive, accepting environment in their practices. I break it down in parts, from reception and patient intake all the way to the completion of a patient's episode of care.

Something as simple as acknowledging gender identity and preferred pronouns can translate into a more thorough medical examination and ultimately a better quality of life. There’s absolutely no reason that LGBT+ individuals should live their lives in pain or disability because they are ashamed or feel unseen."

Physical Therapy with Roy

In spite of writing a book and owning and operating Crom Rehabilitation, Dr. Rivera is first and foremost a licensed physical therapist. If you're interested in working with Roy and his team, it's easy to schedule an appointment online or by phone.

What Patients Can Expect

Dr. Rivera is a licensed and practicing physical therapist, leading his clinic from the front and working directly with patients. His physical therapy and care philosophy is more than just an ideal – the practical applications are apparent throughout Crom's rehabilitation programming.

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Whether you're looking for a new physical therapist, or want to learn more about Crom Rehabilitation, Roy's mission, or information on Shantay, You Stay, it's easy to get in touch.

Contact us by phone, email, or fill out this form. Join Roy and the whole team at Crom Rehabilitation in building a better patient care system for everyone.

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