At Crōm Rehabilitation in Pearland, Texas, your recovery is our priority. Whatever pain or physical disability you’re experiencing, we will create a personalized rehabilitative program that’s designed to meet your particular needs. We have a host of different therapies that can target your specific problem areas to help you get back to your best. We understand that your time and resources are precious, which is why we work around your schedule to achieve your maximum rehabilitative potential and say goodbye to that pain for good.

Aquatic Therapy Services

Aquatic therapy is a proven treatment method for patients with a diverse range of medical conditions, including muscle weakness, joint pain, injury recovery and post-operative care. That’s why it plays a central part in many of the personalized therapeutic plans we create.

Once you’re in the water, we use several specialized aquatic therapy techniques that are matched to the specific challenges you face to help you achieve your healing goals. Our experienced physical therapy professionals will guide you through exercises that would often be too difficult and painful to complete on dry land. The buoyancy of the water provides immediate joint relief, while its natural resistance allows patients to get far more benefit from their movements.

For some, simple movements may be all that’s possible initially, while for others, aquatic yoga and pilates can have profound physical benefits when performed as part of an aquatic therapy program. For many patients, aquatic therapy can also be a lot of fun, with the warmth and gentle pressure of the water immediately alleviating joint pain, relaxing muscles and removing the fear of falling, which leads to a greater range of movement.

If you are interested in Aquatic Therapy, be aware that we currently only offer Aquatic Therapy at our Heights location. We’re happy to advise you on the benefits or discuss whether or not AT is right for you at either location, but only our Heights location is equipped to support Aquatic Therapy focused recovery routines.

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Let Water Relieve Effects of Your Condition

Our orthopedic rehabilitation services provide the specialized treatment you need for your unique situation. We create individualized programs for surgical repairs, neck and back pain, fractures, degenerative joint disease, sprains and strains, rotator cuff repair and more. You’ll receive the targeted support you need to get your body back to its optimal form with a manageable program that matches your goals.

Speciality Rehabilitation Programs

Sometimes, an orthopedic recovery program doesn’t go far enough. In that case, our specialized rehabilitation programs could provide the answer.

We offer programs that include post-concussive evaluation and management, the ACL reconstruction protocol, hand therapy, balance and fall risk assessment, sport-specific recovery, the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder protocol and more. You will receive the highest level of care and specialized treatments that have been proven to alleviate the pain and boost the recovery of patients with your condition.

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Other Physical Therapy Services

We also offer a broad range of other physical therapy services to provide the targeted assistance you need. That includes:

Virtual physical therapy

If COVID-19 impacts your ability to travel to our clinic or you can’t come and see us in-person for any other reason, we offer Telehealth Physical Therapy so we can continue your treatment using the latest technology.

Neck and back physical therapy

This treatment is designed specifically to relieve the pain and undo the stiffness and lack of motion that many people experience in their backs and necks. Unfortunately, given the jobs many people do, this type of pain is common, but with the help of our physical therapists, it’s not a pain you have to live with.

Osteoarthritis specialists

Our team of specialists work with you to help you regain a range of motion and reduce joint pain. We also discuss and plan healthy habits to preserve the remaining joint cartilage and maintain your quality of life.

Sports-specific recovery training

We work with injured amateur and professional athletes to create a sport-specific exercise and recovery program based on your particular injury to reduce your recovery time and improve your performance.

Physical recovery coaching

We work with each patient as they go through the recovery process and ensure their ongoing physical training matches their recovery needs. The goal is to get you back to your best after surgery or an injury.

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