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Jordan Boyd, PT, DPT, CSCS

Doctor of Physical Therapy located in Greater Heights, Houston, TX & Shadow Creek Ranch, Pearland, TX


About Dr. Boyd

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Jordan Boyd, PT, DPT, CSCS, is a licensed physical therapist at Crom Rehabilitation in Houston and Pearland, Texas. Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, Dr. Boyd recently relocated to Houston seeking opportunities for growth, expansion, and diversity.


Her clinical interests include general orthopedic conditions, sports medicine, and chronic pain. She takes a collaborative and exercise-based approach to therapeutic intervention, helping her patients maximize function and health.


After earning her Bachelor of Science in education in kinesiology at The University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Tennessee, Dr. Boyd went on to complete her Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) at Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia.


She’s a certified strength and conditioning specialist with the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Dr. Boyd is also a professional member of the American Physical Therapy Association and the Texas Physical Therapy Association.


In her spare time, Dr. Boyd enjoys traveling, working out, binging on television shows, working with kids, and spending time with family and friends. .

Dr. Jordan Boyd Interview

I hear you’re from Tennessee. Can you tell me more about your background, home, and what made you move to Texas?

Yes! I was born in Houston but raised outside of Nashville, TN. We moved there after my mom was pregnant with my brother, so I guess I was about 3 or 4. I went to the University of Tennessee Knoxville for undergrad & Hampton University in Hampton, VA for grad school. I like Nashville & it will always be home, but I knew I wanted to live somewhere else after I finished school. I studied abroad & lived in Madrid for about 5 months while in undergrad. That sparked my love for being around different cultures/traveling & eliminated any fears I had about living somewhere else. I chose Houston because of the diversity, the cost-of-living vs average PT salary, the opportunity for growth & the fact that i wouldn’t have to deal with VA snow anymore (lol).

Can you tell me more about why you decided to be a physical therapist? What was your journey like?


Interestingly enough, I did not know much about PT until I was in undergrad. I was an athlete (cheer/dance) & a tutor/babysitter all my life up until college, so I knew I either wanted to work with kids and/or sports in some aspect. I chose kinesiology as my major & decided I’d figure it out from there after taking the basic classes. Long story short, I had to do a practicum/internship with someone who graduated with a kinesiology degree. I just so happened to do mine with a physical therapist. I was there for a whole semester & fell in love! My favorite thing about it was how much 1:1 time you got with patients-you get to know them a lot more than most other healthcare providers. I also loved how you get to see people’s journey from day 1 & get to be a part of that. That was my first experience with PT.


Why did you make the decision to join the team at Crom Rehabilitation?


Crom really seemed too good to be true, I remember. I told my friends & family that after my interview with Dr. Roy, it felt more like a conversation with a friend than an interview. He really put my nerves at ease. The main reason I even chose to apply for Crom was because their mission & values really line up with mine. I love how inclusive & diverse the staff & patient population is. I also agreed with the company’s approach to PT & having the patient be as independent as possible when they leave us. Most importantly, their commitment to providing care to underserved & marginalized populations really hit home.

Can you explain why it is important for the business to be committed to providing care to underserved and marginalized communities?

As a Black woman, I know firsthand that in minority communities, we have a distrust with healthcare providers. We are used to not being heard/listened to and being given diagnoses with little to no explanation of what that means or how to help it. I know people personally that will avoid going to any doctor at all costs because of the distrust & because of the expense. Because of this, it was extremely important to me to become a provider that could help my own community & other marginalized/ underserved communities by listening, educating, providing options & building that trust. Everyone deserves healthcare providers that care, listen, and can educate in a way where you understand what’s going on.

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