People are prescribed physical therapy for many different reasons. Our professional staff is experienced in using physical therapy to help with various orthopedic conditions.
Orthopedic Conditions
tendinitis doctor houston Tendinitis An inflamed tendon, which is the tissue connecting muscles to bones, is a common cause of pain and loss of mobility. At physical therapy clinics, trained specialists can help relieve tendinitis pain and get you back to an active life.
sprains and strains treatment Sprains/Strains Physical therapy can be your first line of defense for a sprain or strain, and after joint swelling and pain have gone down, our professionals can help with further recovery. At Crōm Rehabilitation, we can help you rebuild your strength and flexibility after a sprain or strain.
fracture treatment
Bone fractures are serious injuries and it may take a lot of time to recover. Treatment at physical therapy clinics helps to reduce the pain and get the body back to where it was before the fracture.
neck and back pain doctor Neck and Back Pain This type of pain is one of the most common concerns of those that come to physical therapy. Through a variety of exercises and other techniques, our staff at Crōm Rehabilitation in Houston, Texas, can help treat any type of neck or back pain that is bothering you.
Surgical Repairs Houston Surgical Repairs A single surgical procedure will not get your body back to its optimal form. During recovery from a surgical repair, the specialists at physical therapy centers can ensure proper healing and less pain.
Total Joint Replacements Houston Total Joint Replacements Total Physical therapists are experts in getting you through the aftermath of total joint replacement. Whether it’s your shoulder, hip, or knee, at our clinic in Houston, TX, you can receive specialized support to move better and with less pain.
osteoarthritis treatment
A diagnosis of arthritis may make you feel like you just have to live with the pain. However, at our Houston clinic, a specialized physical therapy program can get you walking and enjoying active daily activities without pain again.
Degenerative Joint Disease treatment Degenerative Joint Disease A diagnosis of degenerative joint diseases may make you feel like you just have to live with pain. However, at our Houston physical therapy clinic, a specialized physical therapy program can get you walking and enjoying active daily activities without pain again.
Specialty Rehabilitation Programs
Our specialized physical therapy programs and skills allow us to offer additional specialty rehabilitation programs in addition to our traditional orthopedic programs. If you’re looking for a particular therapy beyond standard orthopedic recovery, Crōm Rehabilitation may have the solution you’re looking for.
Hand Therapy Houston Hand Therapy Working in manual labor or engaging in a hobby that really puts your hands to use may be cause for injury or pain in the area. Hand therapy is a form of physical therapy focused on this important part of the body.
Post-Concussive Evaluation Houston Post-Concussive Evaluation and Management After a concussion, lasting symptoms can continue to make getting back to a full life difficult. The professional staff at our Houston clinic will perform an evaluation and create a personalized plan for management of post-concussive recovery.
acl injury treatment
ACL Reconstruction Protocol
An ACL injury is not just painful, but can also seriously impair the ability to walk. Following the ACL reconstruction protocol at a physical therapy clinic can help you get walking and back to sports much sooner.
Fall Risk Assessment Balance and Fall Risk Assessment A sudden fall can be very dangerous. If you are worried about sense of balance or chances of falling, let the experts at Crōm Rehabilitation conduct a risk assessment to see where guidance can be provided.
TMJ treatment Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder Protocol A temporomandibular joint disorder affects the teeth or jaw, making it difficult to perform daily activities, such as talking and yawning, without pain. The protocol followed at physical therapy clinics can help to resolve this pain and aid in recovery.
sport-specific physical therapy Houston Sport-Specific Recovery Training The body takes on a lot of stress when you’re an athlete. With a sport-specific physical therapy plan, different exercises and techniques are used to help in sport recovery.
Work-related Injuries Treatment
Work-related Injuries
When injury has occurred at work, it is important to receive care quickly. At our Houston physical rehab center, we can help you through the recovery process so you can safely return to work soon.
back school treatment Back School Many times, back pain is caused or further aggravated by improper posture and other similar factors. At Crōm Rehabilitation’s back school, back pain sufferers learn techniques to help heal and protect their backs.
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