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Sports are a positive and rewarding activity for professional and recreational athletes alike. However, sports at any level come with the risk of injury. At Crom Rehabilitation, the Doctors of Physical Therapy specialize in treating sports injuries. Their sports medicine and rehabilitation program promotes healing, eases pain, and gets you back in the game as quickly as possible. To learn how sport-specific rehabilitation can improve your performance and prevent future injuries, call the office in Cypress, Houston or Pearland, Texas, or book an appointment online today.

Sports Medicine Q & A

What is sport-specific recovery training?

Once you’re injured, you face uncertainty about how long you will be out of the game, how long your recovery will take, and the types of activities you can do while recovering.

The team at Crom Rehabilitation can answer these questions and create a path to recovery with sport-specific training.

Your physical therapist creates a customized treatment plan using therapies that rebuild the strength, movement, and skills you need for your sport. This type of sport-specific rehabilitation accelerates healing, hastens your recovery, and minimizes your risk of reinjury or permanent damage. 

How is my sports medicine and rehabilitation program created?

Crom Rehabilitation offers an exceptional sport-specific recovery program that begins with an evaluation of your injury and current capabilities. The team assesses the extent of your injury, your range of motion, and how your injury affects your ability to perform in your specific sport.

Once they understand your current physical condition, they develop a physical therapy routine that targets your injury and rehabilitates your body based on your future activity goals. 

Your program builds a progressive path back to your goals, whether you simply need the functional skills to get back to walking or you want to regain peak physical performance and return to competitive sports.

When creating your sport-specific recovery program, your physical therapist considers factors such as your:

  • Sport or activity
  • Age
  • Skill level
  • Type of injury
  • Amount of swelling and pain
  • Current stage of tissue healing
  • Requirements for your sport


The physical therapy team works with you to ensure your sport-specific rehabilitation program deals with each of the above issues.

What happens during my sports medicine and rehabilitation program?

Athletes push their bodies to the limit to achieve the highest levels of performance. As a result, they’re incredibly frustrated by the limitations caused by an injury.

The team at Crom Rehabilitation understands that athletes want to return to the game as quickly as possible, and they share that goal. However, a mismanaged injury and returning to play before your body is ready only leads to reinjuries and progressive problems that can keep you sidelined permanently.

To ensure you regain optimal strength, function, and mobility, the team manages your recovery in a progressive manner. At first, they focus on pain management and passive exercises that ease inflammation and maintain basic movement. Then they slowly progress to range-of-motion, strength, and flexibility training.

As your rehabilitation progresses, your physical therapist increases the intensity and introduces exercises and physical therapy routines that mimic your sports activities. Doing this in a controlled environment ensures a safe, clean recovery.

To learn more about sports medicine at Crom Rehabilitation or to schedule an appointment, call or use the online booking feature today.

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